Consultations: Consultations are recommended if difficulty in speech, language or reading has been observed and/or documented and you are thinking of initiating speech and language therapy with us. Consultations consist of a 45 minute session with your child and a 15 minute meeting with you to discuss next steps. Typically a child will be assessed with a non-standardized measure, or an abbreviated standardized assessment by a speech language pathologist. A written report can be provided upon request.

Evaluations: A speech and language evaluation, uses standardized measures, non-standardized assessments, clinical observations and parent interviews to determine a child’s strength and weakness. Comprehensive evaluations look at oral-motor, articulation, receptive/expressive and pragmatic language areas. If there are concerns regarding reading or pre-reading skills, a phonological processing, decoding and reading comprehension assessment is added to the evaluation. Typically assessments are completed in one 2-2 ½ hour session depending on the age of the child.

Speech and language therapy sessions are tailored to meet the individual goals of your child. We work to provide a safe and fun environment in which not only do speech and language skills grow, but a child’s confidence. Our therapists are trained in different therapeutic methods including: Orton-Gillingham; PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Motor Phonetic Targets); Picture Exchange Communication System; SMiLe (Structured Methods in Language Education); Social Thinking Curriculum; Therapeutic Listening, Visualizing and Verbalizing; and Wilson ReadingSystem.



Auditory Processing

Developmental Delays


Early Reading Skills

Executive Functioning

Expressive Language

Language Based Learning Disabilities

Phonological Processing

Pragmatic Language (Social Language/Skills)

Receptive Language/Auditory Comprehension


Word Retrieval

Written Expression

Reading and writing are language! Our speech and language pathologists are also learning specialists. We are experienced working with kids with language based learning disabilities, dyslexia, reading comprehension deficits and difficulties with written expression. Our therapists are trained and/or certified in Wilson Reading System, Orton-Gillingham, and Basic Writing Skills. We work closely with your child’s school and teachers to ensure that your child is getting the support they require to succeed academically.

At Manner of Speaking we also run social communication groups of two to three children that focus on pragmatic language using a variety of techniques including Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum and Relationship Development Intervention. Students will engage in engaging activities and high interest projects all while working on a variety of social skills. Students will also work on developing strong listening and speaking skills as a way to successfully interact with their peers. We match students by age and areas of strengths/weaknesses.

Speech and language pathologists are available consult with teachers, staff and administrators on a variety of topics such as, implementing speech and language therapy strategies into the classroom, creating language rich classroom/activities, implementing/creating Individualized Education Plan goals (IEP) and educating staff. Our qualified speech language pathologists can conduct teacher workshops on what are speech and language delays, how they impact academics and how best to support struggling students.

Our team of speech and language pathologists are available to go to preschools and schools to conduct speech and language screenings in order to identify children who may be at risk for difficulties in speech, language and reading.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have questions that we haven’t answered, please contact us. We are happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

A role of the Speech Language Pathologist is to identify, assess and treat communication disorders. Our goal is to maximize each child’s potential in spoken and written modalities. A speech pathologist may work on language, cognitive communication, stuttering, learning and literacy, sound production and intelligibility. Our team also works in conjunction with pediatricians, teachers, occupational, physical and learning specialists as part of a team approach.

Our comprehensive evaluations are used to determine if a child has delayed or disordered speech. Evaluations are highly individualized depending on the child’s needs. We ask that you fill out a detailed case history prior to the date of the evaluation so we can create an evaluation plan. Depending on the age of the child, evaluations can take anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours. Comprehensive evaluations include a review of case history, play skills (if age appropriate), motor speech production, articulation, receptive and expressive language, social skills, and/or reading/writing skills in context and through standardized testing. Once the report has been prepared, you will receive a written report with results, recommendations for treatment, educational recommendations, classroom strategies and activities for home. A phone or in person meeting can be set up to discuss the results in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

When people hear speech therapy, they think, “but my child speaks a lot!” Although articulation of sounds and helping late talking children develop language skills is an important part of what we do, speech therapy is not limited to these areas. We work with children who have difficulty understanding what they hear and read, as well as helping them organize their thoughts for clear and efficient spoken and written language. Our therapists specialize in language-based learning disabilities and work with students to support academic growth in both mainstream and specialized school settings. Two of our therapists are also certified learning specialists and are skilled in remediating reading/writing disabilities, and supporting executive functioning. Speech Language Pathologists also work on supporting pragmatic language and social skills in group and individual settings.

Once your child has been evaluated and the results have been discussed, you may decide to initiate therapy sessions. Typically, children come for therapy sessions one to two times a week. The duration of a therapy session depends on the age, attention span, and treatment needs of the child. Most sessions are 45 minutes. A treatment plan delineating therapy goals is derived from the evaluation and activities are created based on therapy targets. We believe in positive therapy experiences and design sessions to meet the individual needs of the child. Play and movement are often incorporated into therapy sessions and we try our best to take into account each child’s personal interests.

We work with children of all ages and adolescents. Therapy for younger children is play, movement and sensory based. Therapy for older school children and adolescents incorporates literacy and academic based skills.

Our therapists are trained in a number of different clinical programs geared to promoting the growth of our client’s speech and language skills. These include PROMPT, PECs, Michelle Garcia Winner’s “Social Thinking Curriculum” Visualizing and Verbalizing, Wilson Reading System, SMILE, Therapeutic Listening, and Basic Writing Skills.

We are a private pay clinic. We will provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. We will also provide you with any additional documentation you may need. We try our best to help our families get reimbursement whenever possible.

All therapy sessions are conducted at our office, located within Speak, Learn, and Play at 540 President St, Suite 2G in the Park Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn.

We accept a limited number of cases through the Department of Education. We do not accept cases through New York State’s Early Intervention program.

Manner of Speaking is a pediatric speech pathology practice located in Park Slope, Brooklyn that provides individualized treatment, evaluation and consultation services to children and adolescents.

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