Halloween Social Skills Fun

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a collaborative activity? Students in this social dyad group run by Tricia were able to put their skills to use when making worm pie. Students had to practice talking each other through the steps to make this delicious desert with even more delicious results. Check out their creation:

Crush those Oreos!

Crush those Oreos!

More crushing!

More crushing!

Let's add some crushed Oreos! Be careful not to spill any.

Let’s add some crushed Oreos! Be careful not to spill any.

Add some gummy worms, stir, and its ready to eat.

Add some gummy worms, stir, and its ready to eat.

These guys were willing to share their creation and we all got a special treat that day. If only cleaning up was as fun.


Check out the NY Times Book Review of the Best Illustrated Books for Children

Books with beautiful pictures can help develop oral language skills. They provide the opportunity to expose children to rich descriptive words, provide the opportunity to see items that may not occur in their every day experience and can jump start the imagination. Check out the NY Times book review of the Best Illustrated Books for Children. I particularly love Funny Bones!



Check Out the New Digs




After lots of sweat and some tears, all our boxes are unpacked and we are open for business in our new office.

12143362_1653892074894595_4534037093461499090_n Our new waiting room is more spacious and perfect for parents and siblings.


12193276_1653892088227927_9172045500370342029_n Speech Office for our older clients.

12189900_1653892031561266_770304337379914925_n Speech office for our younger kiddos.

12188885_1653892024894600_6855922292731918539_n Sensory Gym where we get our bodies ready for speech

It’s Official

We have officially moved into our new office. We are now located at 540 President St, Suite 2D.  Looking forward to seeing you there! Jenn and the Manner of Speaking Team

We’re Moving!

Exciting News Everyone! WE’RE MOVING

Same Building–Bigger and brand new space!

Come visit us at 540 President St, Suite 2D as of Monday, October 19th

Coming Soon: Minecraft Writing Class

Minecraft flier
Practice writing skills using Minecraft. Students will learn how to initiate, plan-out, formulate and edit/revise writing products all while being engaged in a topic they love. The group will focus on procedural, narrative, expository and persuasive writing. The Basic Writing Skills method will be used.

Small group of 4 children max. Students will have the opportunity to work on individual writing pieces and group projects.

  • For 3rd and 4th grades
  • 10 sessions starting September 30th-Through Dec 16th. Wednesdays 5:30 to 6:30
  • For more information, email mannerofspeakingbklyn@gmail.com

Manner of Speaking is a pediatric speech pathology practice located in Park Slope, Brooklyn that provides individualized treatment, evaluation and consultation services to children and adolescents.

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